Aesthetic medicine includes the prescription of therapy, the selection of cosmetics for skin care at home and procedures aimed at removing various neoplasms, changing or improving certain visual aspects of the face and body of a person. Usually this is the patient himself, who chooses any corrections and sometimes can even independently choose between methods to eliminate the problem.

Aesthetic treatments can be relatively simple, such as deep facial cleansing, various facial-, neck- and décolleté treatments, but also more complex, such as removal of skin neoplasms, scar- and ligature mark correction, laser rejuvenation and removal of dilated blood vessels. The beauty industry has a large number of procedures for facial embellishment that can only be performed by doctors, such as botulinum therapy, the injection of fillers, thread lifting, etc. If we consider procedures such as blephroplasty, lipofilling, liposuction, etc., then these procedures are performed by plastic surgeons.

For all the procedures written above and many others, a professional approach is required. Self-made solutions advised «by a friend» should never be considered and are dangerous as they can provoke unwanted reactions, side effects and long-term damage to the skin and body which negatively affect the appearance of the patient.

If you have chosen to undergo certain aesthetic treatments, be sure to consult a doctor in aesthetic medicine in order to achieve the best results.