Dermatologists can solve many minor skin-related problems relatively easily, preventing their original cause of occurrence. They are also the best experts in relation to more serious diseases of the skin and its appendages, which can cause severe discomfort and unpleasant visual symptoms, which often are combined with a poor quality of life. It is always better to be cautious, rather than to regret in the future, and check in time for any problems related to skin, hair and nails that look uncomfortable for oneself and others or who cause pain. It is possible that patients are somewhat ashamed to go to a doctor with their problem, but it should always be borne in mind that shame in front of a doctor is much lighter than the negative consequences that serious complications can provoke if the right therapy is not started in a timely manner. No infection or condition disappears automatically, and home remedies or advice from "Doctor Google" can only worsen the situation and make it difficult to prescribe the right treatment. So, anyway, just to be sure, whenever there are doubts about anything related to skin, hair and nails, visit a dermatologist.