Dr. Bogaerts has obtained her diploma in general and paediatric medicine, as well as the specialisation in dermatology-venereology in the State Medical University of Kursk in Russia with professional internships in the dermato-venereological wards of the university hospital.

For two years, Dr. Bogaerts was working in the skin-and venereological dispensary of the State, where the high intensity work conditions have taught her an efficient approach to her analytical and diagnostical duties. Due the prestigious institution she worked in and the superiors who mentored her, she gained a great experience in different conditions that are rare to obtain in common medical cabinets. This experience still serves her today and drive her to investigate different topics that until now seem unexplored or little known to science.

Since 2016, Dr. Bogaerts moved to Moscow where she was able to apply her practical experience in different clinics and where she also attained an additional degree in aesthetical medicine. Since then, in addition to helping patients with dermatological and venereological problems, she has also explored the world of aesthetic dermatology with a clear philosophy of helping patients to reveal their natural beauty with the help of well-chosen methods with materials and injections and skin care procedures, and not by hyper-correcting their forms and significantly changing their appearance. As time went by, Dr. Bogaerts became known for her ability to repair incorrectly treated patients and reduce the side effects of bad procedures to a minimum.

Her reputation of integrity, diligence and confidentiality made her a sought-after specialist for some of the country’s most influential people.

Since 2021. Dr. Bogaerts is sharing her time between Moscow and Monaco to further enlarge her geographical work territory, expend her knowledge and perform research to help different types of patients such as young children, people with mental disabilities and undesired side-effects of aesthetic medical procedures.