Important tips for skin care:
1. Choose facial skin care products according to your skin type
2. It is necessary to carry out 3 main procedures daily: washing, toning, and applying cream according to the skin type
3. Exfoliation (peeling) can be carried out 1 time per week, people with sensitive skin less often
4. Do not injure the skin, clean it gently. Do not use scrubs with large particles
5. Do not carry out professional cosmetic procedures by yourself at home
6. Be attentive to the skin around the eyes and to the skin of the lips. Clean these areas very carefully and apply specially selected products
7. Do not use alcohol-based lotions. Over-dried skin is prone to more irritation from outside and can absorb various infections faster
8. Use a cream that includes SPF. Depending on the season, the degree of the factor can vary.
9. Visit an aesthetic doctor regularly. At home, it is almost impossible to have a professional deep cleaning and moisturising of the skin
10. Avoid exposure to external adverse factors, such as direct sunlight, hard wind, exposed skin in freezing temperatures, etc.