Regardless of the not so pleasant process for the man, a regular analysis of the genitalia of the sexually active person is a must, especially when there is not one long-term intimate partner. Very often, hidden infections can linger without symptoms, yet they are present in the body and therefore can be transferred to others and a cause of problems within his own organism. Consequences of non-treatment of sexually transmittable diseases can be very serious which should not be neglected or ignored.

When any symptoms or discomfort on or around the genitalia appear, it is best to contact the venerologist right away, so the correct diagnose can be made and the correct treatment prescribed. Self-diagnose and -treatment are dangerous and should be refrained from at all times.

For both men and women, it would be most appropriate to inform recent sexual partners about a confirmed infection, as this can prevent them from serious consequences and a possible further spread of infection.