Imagine a world in which everybody strives towards a certain physical ideal. A certain type or person people look up to and who they want to look like. There are many ways and methods to adjust the physical appearance of a person, some more discreet and others more extreme. Following the idea that anybody can transform into anyone, more and more people would start to look like that one ideal they have in their minds and all of them would start to look exactly the same, with an ideal face and body, just like to one they admire. When all these faces and people then look exactly alike, the girl that walks by with a big scar in her face will be the one that is the most desired of them all, not because she has a scar, but because she is special. The smallest details set us apart and exactly those parts make us unique.

Imperfection makes Perfection.

Beauty comes from within, yet it shows on the outside through our skin. The biggest factor of physical beauty is the skin that covers the person. Healthy and happy people have healthy and happy skin, which is a direct indicator of the person within.

As a clinical dermatologist, I support people to find the best way to have a healthy skin, with a range of methods that go further and deeper, and with lasting results, so their inner beauty can shine form the outside.
As an aesthetic dermatologist, I help those in need with subtle physical enhancements that help them find the confidence to get out in the open world and openly show themselves the way they are inside.

I love the human skin. It is a reflection of the inner person. Years of clinical practice taught me to look deeper and see the beauty within, no matter the origin or background of the patient. We are all different, not better, not worse, just different; we are all special and unique.