Increasingly, men are starting to go to aesthetic doctors, but most of them keep these procedures a secret because in their eyes it can seem like a shameful thing. Regardless of the similarity of goals in male and female patients, the methods used in aesthetic medicine for men are very different from those used for women.

Men usually do not visit the doctor in the early stages of the disease or aesthetic problem. Often they only see a doctor when the problem is already of a more severe degree, possibly with attached complications, which makes the treatment process longer and more difficult.

Aesthetic medicine for men says nothing about the patient’s character, it only helps them feel more comfortable by making small adjustments to their appearance, or by resorting to procedures that will make them look healthy. Men can undergo almost all the same procedures as women, but usually for men the results will be more subtle, since large changes in appearance will make a person look strange, which is hardly the intention in most cases. Procedures such as scar correction, removal of skin neoplasms and papillomas are also considered a part of aesthetic medicine.